url: Blog: Home How to manage your sitemaps What is a Sitemap How to setup a Sitemap What are the contents of a Sitemap What is Sitemap’s relevance with Search console’s It is essential that you know about the sitemaps. If you have a new or existing website registered then you need to setup a […]

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Google Index

What is Google Indexing url: Blog: Home As you all know some of our books have an index page at the end or in the last page of a book. It usually is in alphabetical order guiding readers about the contents of the book and it’s location or page number. Google index: Idea derived from […]

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Google Ad words and Adsense

Basic difference between Google Ad words & Adsense url: Blog: Home Getting your business online is much easier than you think. The¬†first and foremost is to understand how Google works, understand google products and the services that google supports. Two such¬†great services offered by Google are Google Ad words & Adsense.   Let’s start with […]

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Website and Sub Website

Know the difference between domain and sub domain url: Blog: Home It is mandatory to understand this difference because most of the bloggers start their work or hobby as a blogger by registering their website or URL as a sub domain. They later transfer or move their existing blog to a main domain or website […]

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Domain registration URLs

Knowledge is bliss, so is this post on website registration url: Blog: Home If you have decided to register your debut website on the internet but do not have enough information from where it should be registered then you are at the right place to know about it. Whether it is .com, .org, .net, .club, […]

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