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It is essential to learn the basics of digital marketing, there are many blogs written on digital marketing but there are hardly less than 5% of the blogs that are present in the web that explains the fundamentals.

This blog post will help in understanding the concepts very well, which then leads to other important topics on what is SEO (Search engine optimization),  SEO quick tips and tricks, the useful SEO tools, page authority, domain authority, positioning highly ranked keywords, meta description, social bookmarking, backlinking, how to remove zombie pages, indexing and crawling techniques using Google search console, BING webmaster tool and of course on how to add Schema for your website pages. Below are the few important topics to begin with,

  1. Blog for a beginner,

  2. What is a personal blog,

  3. How to create a personal blog,

  4. What is digital marketing,

  5. Step by step digital marketing,

  6. Understand social applications,

    So, let’s kick start our learning program…

  • Blog for a beginner,

Blog for a beginnerIf you’re a beginner in learning what is a blog and other topics associated with digital marketing then this is the right place to start your research and be familiar with these topics. You need to have a little knowledge about social apps, most importantly which one to use first and how to use them appropriately. Besides this, you will have to practice my lessons as you read through.

If you don’t have a personal blog, then I suggest that your very first step would have to be is to create your personal blog. Well, you could also skip this step and move to advance step by creating a personal website but we will come to that later. Because I assume the readers of my blog are more interested in learning the fundamentals and then moving up to learn the more technical topics. So, as I said the first step is to create a personal blog and start blogging about a topic.

  • What is a personal blog,

In simple words, it is either about you or the professional work that you would be sharing it with the people across the globe or it is an informational website published on the world wide web ‘aka’ www that consists informal entries in form of posts or articles.

  • How to create a personal blog,

You can create a personal blog from the below websites. Or you can also learn HTML coding do create one for yourself.











Wordpress LogoMy personal favorite and the best place or the application to create a personal blog is, type the website URL, to create a free account name in it. By using WordPress, you can select your favorite theme, then create pages, posts, menus, categories, tags and download useful plugins that can support your website or a sub-website to great extent.

Your first lesson is to learn about WordPress as it is an open-source web publishing system or in simple words, it is a free tool to build your own blog and website with minimum effort. It is definitely used by small businesses, bloggers, schools, NGO’s and many more internet enthusiasts.

  • What is digital marketing,

Digital marketingWell to put that in simple terms, it means marketing of services and products using digital technologies. In today’s time, it is very challenging for the small/medium/enterprise level businesses to create their brands or spread awareness about it. Hence they constantly seek ideas and solutions market their products through various business channels as we also called social marketing.

  • Step by step digital marketing,

  1. Brand awareness
    • Ease of access
    • Competitive advantage
    • Effectiveness
    • Full use of social channels
  2. Search engine optimization – SEO
  3. On page and off page optimization – SEO
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Display marketing
  6. Social marketing
  7. Advertising
  8. Website creation, in some cases doing health checks on existing websites
    • Keeping the content organized, in a structured format.
    • Performing search engine optimization on the website and in its pages

We have other steps that I will be discussing them thoroughly on this blog. Therefore follow my blog on your devices to stay up to date on digital marketing.

  • Understand social applications,

Digital1I suggest you lend 15 to 20 minutes of your time each day for a week to learn the interface of WordPress and other social applications. Once you’re done with learning functional aspects of social applications then move on with WordPress. This will give you an edge to absorb the tool and then you’ll be more familiar with menu options, navigation and so on. Once you’re done for a week then create the first page of your topic, meaning that will be your first page in your blog on WordPress.

So I now give you a couple of days to register your account on and get familiar with the interface or tool and get back to my blog to continue learning about digital marketing and of course tips and tricks on WordPress tool.

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