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The power of creating a Brand Logo

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Yes, as we all know it, “The picture is worth a thousand words!

The logo is YOU! People will identify you by just looking at your logo. I’m sure most of you will identify the logos shown in the below picture. Well, I also thank you for identifying my logo in it.

Yes the very top one which is in bold, it is the logo that I designed to associate me and support my blog channel


If you haven’t gone through my debut post on digital marketing, on my personal blog then I suggest you please read the post now “Getting familiar with social applications” to understand the importance of creating a personal blog on your favorite topic through I’m sure it’ll be beneficial to you to understand the topic well.

You’re just minutes away in exploring new topics associated with digital marketing and this blog is only going to guide the audience about it. My future posts on this topic will release million dollar ideas and tricks to manage your own digital marketing channel.

Now coming back to the original topic about creating a logo. Bring out a designer in you, use the google search engine or any other that suits you the most, you’ll surely find hundreds of websites that will help you design your logo. Or you can do the same by yourself to create an attractive logo. I hope this post encourages enough to my audience to come up with a logo and associate to your personal blog.

Do let me know if this and my recent post has helped in some way. If yes, then share your experience and send me your blog details and of course the logo that you have created.

Do you really believe that it costs nothing to register a website? Do read my post on it by clicking this URL Register your website for free

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Greenroom Buzz

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