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Know the difference between domain and subdomain

URL: Blog: Home

It is mandatory to understand this difference because most of the bloggers start their work or hobby as a blogger by registering their website or URL as a subdomain. They later transfer or move their existing blog to a main domain or website or create a new website with a new name.

But the big question is whether it is important to have the main website or could you just do away with a subdomain and most importantly how do I make a difference out of the two. Below snapshot will give you a clear idea about it.

My blog, for example, is a subdomain because it is supported or powered by WordPress hence the URL is, however, I can transfer or move this sub website to the main website with URL or or any other domain that I choose from.


I’m sure you have understood the difference now. It is very important that you have the main website because you will have a lot of powers and privileges when you have one. For instance below is the list of things that you could do with it,

  1. You can download and install widgets for your main website
  2. You can start affiliate programs to support on your main website
  3. You can start Google AdSense to monetize on your main website
  4. You can set up Google Ad campaigns on your main website

There are many things that you will have access to perform on your main website, but you will have certain restrictions to do the same on a sub-website or subdomain. I hope this part was very interesting, do comment and feedback about it. Follow my blog to know more exciting things about digital marketing.

I assume you have a gone through my debut post and created your personal blog. If you haven’t created a logo to associate with your blog then I suggest do it today.

The logo is YOU! People will identify you by just looking at your logo. I’m sure most of you will identify the logos shown in the below picture. Well, I also thank you for identifying my logo in it.

Yes the very top one which is in bold, it is the logo that I designed to associate me and support my blog channel


Do you really believe that it costs nothing to register a website? Do read my post on it by clicking this URL Register your website for free

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URL: Blog: Home

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