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The basic difference between Google Ad words & Adsense

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Getting your business online is much easier than you think.

The first and foremost is to understand how Google works, understand google products and the services that Google supports. Two such great services offered by Google are Google Ad words & Adsense.

Google AdsAdsense



Let’s start with an ace example: Apple

We’ll discuss Google Adwords first and then move onto Google Adsense.

When you search a keyword as an “Apple” on your search engines like Google or Bing, most likely this will be your first-page result as shown in the above picture.

  1. Top stories – videos on Apple
  2. See apple – sponsored image grid products
  3. About – Apple and their executives

I wonder how they forgot the former executive and the founder of Apple –Steve Jobs, RIP. I hope they’ll read my post and update it accordingly for the Keyword “Apple“.

Now coming back to the main topic how did our results appear on our first page, what does it have to do with Google AdWords or Google Adsense.

Google AdsBased on the complex search analysis these results appear for the specific keywords that you search. Would the results be different if my search keyword was Apple company, well the answer to that is “YES” And how come I didn’t get an Apple fruit as a result during my first search, does it have to do something with “Negative keywords” Yes, this post is connected to all these terms. You can’t directly influence these results, however, you can influence sponsored links or ads like the one shown above. Getting started is much easier than you can imagine.

  1. First, define your potential customers
  2. You can then select their language by region or by countries
  3. If your business is based on the leads then you can narrow down locations to the cities where you hope to generate your leads. Obviously, you don’t want to show up your ads in Europe when your actual business is in India.
    • Remember, you’ll not be paying Google to display your ads anywhere in the world but you’ll pay Google whenever someone clicks your ad anywhere in the world.
  1. Now write a Google AdWords/ad, make it appealing and interesting
  2. It should contain a good title, description line about your product and services and finally your website address
    • Example: Assume you’re a florist and want to put up your ad, which should appear in Google search results to generate the leads.
  3. You then have to choose the keywords, like a flower delivery, flower arrangement, order for flowers, wedding flowers, flowers for a gift and so on.
  4. Google, in fact, will trigger and generate keywords automatically for you to choose and bid the prices for the number of keywords that you choose from. But Google also gives an option to set the keywords manually.
  5. You have to be wise and smart to choose your keywords because you’ll be paying Google to the ads clicked by the customers who most likely are going to really purchase the flowers from you or ignore it. Hence you’ll have to attract legit customers who will click your ads to buy the flowers or products that you deal with.
  6. You’re in full control of every financial aspect of your ad campaign.

So Google Adwords is online traditional advertising because you choose when and where your ads to appear. You don’t pay to display the ads but pay only when someone clicks it. Hence you decide how much you want to spend on your ad campaign, set your daily, weekly or monthly budget. Either continue your ads or stop them when you want. You can change or edit your ads on & off to make it suitable for you and your business.

If you are ready to be found on Google then go to Google Adwords! Click the link to jump onto creating your own ads Google Adwords

What are Negative keywords:

Suppose you deal only with Roses and Tulips and you don’t want your ads to be displayed when people search for other flowers or paper flowers. Then you can set negative keywords on your ad campaign so that you don’t spend your money on the ads clicked by the customers who are looking for other flowers that you don’t deal with.

We’ll now discuss Google Adsense.Adsense Few reasons why millions of people are behind Google Adsense. Note that your website content and space is in demand. Advertisers constantly bid for ad space.

  1. You call the shots for the ads that appear on your website.
  2. Block ads that you don’t want
  3. Change the look and feel of text ads to match your website
  4. You can also control the categories of your ads
  5. Mobile is built into AdSense. Responsive ad units automatically adapt to different screen sizes so you can create a great user experience and continue to earn revenue when people view your site on a smartphone or tablet.
  6. Where all can you place these ads
    • Blog sites
    • Forum sites
    • Free online tool site
    • Your personal website or business website
  7. So monetize your website, a blog site, Forum site or a business website by using Google Adsense.

Note: You cannot start Google AdSense on a subdomain site or a sub-website. However, you can do it on your main website. If you don’t know the difference between these two then you should know the basic differences between the Main website and a sub-website.

If you have the main website then you can do the following:

  1. You can download and install widgets for your main website
  2. You can start affiliate programs to support on your main website
  3. You can start Google AdSense to monetize on your main website
  4. You can set up Google Ad campaigns on your main website

There are many things that you will have access to perform on your main website, but you will have certain restrictions to do the same on a sub-website or subdomain.

I hope this part was very interesting, do comment and feedback about it. Follow my blog to know more exciting things about digital marketing. I assume you have a gone through my debut post and created your personal blog. If you haven’t created a logo to associate with your blog then I suggest do it today.

The logo is YOU! People will identify you by just looking at your logo. I’m sure most of you will identify the logos shown in the below picture. Well, I also thank you for identifying my logo in it.

Yes the very top one which is in bold, it is the logo that I designed to associate me and support my blog channel


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