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As you all know some of our books have an index page at the end or on the last page of a book. It usually is in alphabetical order guiding readers about the contents of the book and its location or page number.

Google index: Idea derived from books

A simple idea like having index page reduces time and effort in finding out the results, similarly, Google has it’s own indexing program or algorithm to perform on various websites hosted on the internet.

Nobody till today has understood how the program functions or the logic behind the algorithm but of late few geeks have cracked the code to rank up the website by performing few steps by using some effective tools. If you want to find out the index number of your website, for that you need to use the Google Index checker and you can perform this search occasionally to improve your website content.

Google Index Checker

It is quite simple, paste the URL in the box and click a button that says “check”, instantly the results should be shown to the user.

Note: Sometimes the results are shown as “Not Indexed” but don’t worry, either your website is too new to be indexed and you need to put some more effort to rank up your website.

  • What Indexing mean

Google visits or does random checks on trillions of websites around the clock. At the same time, Google creates an index of those websites that it checks. Hence Indexing is done on certain parameters. Note: All the website are not indexed, only those will be an index which meets certain criteria that Google thinks is worth to index.

Hence it makes a job of an SEO audit personal and the webmaster to keep the index rating on the top. By suggesting website owners have excellent content in it, to create good relevance and of course build traffic on your website. There are many other factors that influence Google to index your website which I will deal with it in the other posts.

  • What is crawling

Crawling is the process by which Googlebot, robot, bot, or also known as spider discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index.

  • How to monitor. A steady increase in the number of crawled and indexed pages indicates that Google can regularly access your content and that your site is being indexed. This is a good indication from Google to check the health status of your website. Below are few images that are interesting to notice on google console.




To summarize indexing means, that you are trying to make the Google bot or spider to understand the content of your website or URLs, whereas ranking means how to rank or top your content on the SERP.

I will explain what is SERP and it’s functionality in future posts. There are many techniques, in order to improve the indexing, which is mostly technical, such as submitting your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and your website URL to search engines. However, improving your rankings requires you to focus on your off- and on-page optimization, such as link development and optimizing meta descriptions and titles. Hence keep the tab on my blog and gather more details about digital marketing.

You can also check if you’re website is mobile SEO friendly or not.

  1. Enter your website URL inside the text box and run the test
  2. You’ll know in seconds if your website is mobile friendly or not
  3. I tested it and I’m very happy that my blog is mobile friendly with no warnings or errors

Mobile friendly test

google mobile friendly testing

Mobile friendly test

Mobile friendly test2

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